Direct Your Fordham Law Gift

Fordham Law relies on your generous contributions to fulfill its mission. Your gift can address current needs, like scholarships, financial aid, and the Law School’s annual funds. You can also establish an endowed fund to support these or other areas of the School in perpetuity.

You can make a gift online or learn about more ways to give to Fordham Law School.

  • The Fordham Law School Fund pools gifts of varying amounts to provide unrestricted support for all of the resources needed to educate future Fordham Lawyers. With your annual fund gift, you become a partner in training the next generation of men and women who will uphold and shape the rule of law, protect civil and human rights, and advance our individual and shared wealth in business and industry. Your contributions give the School fiscal flexibility to enhance student and faculty recruitment, career planning services, scholarly research, student organizations, and hands-on training through clinical education.

  • Creating a scholarship is one of the most important ways you can assist students and leave a legacy at Fordham Law School. It's also a meaningful way to honor family and friends.

    Current-use scholarships have an immediate impact on Fordham Law students. Every dollar donated goes directly to a student in need. The combination of multiple gifts to the scholarship fund enables the School to provide more financial aid to students. These gifts ensure that every deserving student, regardless of his or her financial situation, has the opportunity to attend Fordham Law. 


  • Endowed scholarships are designed to be permanent and can be created with gifts totaling a minimum of $100,000. You can also designate a scholarship gift in your estate plans. Learn more about planned gifts.

    To learn more about creating an endowed scholarship, contact Brian S. Lenker at [email protected] or 212-636-6569.

  • Our faculty is at the heart of Fordham Law School—indeed, of any great law school. The School's exceptionally qualified legal scholars are published in leading law reviews and maintain the best traditions of Fordham Law's scholar-teachers: They collaborate with one another and with students, sharing ideas freely, and fostering open academic discourse that transforms students into the legal leaders of tomorrow.

    At Fordham Law, donors have established endowed faculty chairs in key scholarship areas. These include advocacy; business law; evidence; information law; intellectual property; international law and human rights; legal ethics, morality, and religion; real estate, land use, and property law; and urban legal issues.

    Additional faculty chairs will enhance the classroom environment for students in areas such as compliance, trial advocacy, and entrepreneurship.

    To learn more about creating an endowed faculty chair, contact Brian S. Lenker at [email protected] or 212-636-6569.

  • Fordham Law's centers and institutes are a tangible expression of the School's motto, "in the service of others."

    They advance scholarship on critical legal issues. They provide hands-on training and continuing legal education. They deliver desperately needed legal services to the poor. They enrich the lives of students and alumni by exploring diverse perspectives on national and international legal issues.

    Research projects and reports completed by our centers and institutes shape policy and legislation in fields as diverse as human rights, intellectual property, securities, housing, privacy, and professional responsibility and ethics.