Reporting Procedures for the Local Police Departments

Students who choose to notify local police can always do so by calling 911. Students should not hesitate to notify the Department of Public Safety, who can facilitate and expedite the response by local police for our students. Oftentimes, Public Safety can get students immediately to the investigating detectives units trained to gather information about sex crimes and to explain the investigative process of the police department. This helps our students avoid having to first explain their complaint to uniformed officers, then having to explain the complaint again to detectives assigned to investigate. Special Victims Units investigate sexual assaults, while local precinct detective squads investigate stalking, and domestic or dating violence cases.

In sex offense cases, the officers who respond to the call will want to examine the scene of the crime and obtain evidence (clothes, sheets, etc.). If the respondent is known to the complainant, the police will want to interview the respondent and any witnesses to the incident. They will also encourage the filing of a formal complaint. If a complainant would like to press criminal charges against the perpetrator, a hospital visit should be made as soon as possible. It is best that physical evidence be collected at the hospital as soon as possible. The police will encourage a hospital visit at the time of the incident and can assist the complainant in securing necessary transportation to the hospital. If charges are filed but no arrest has been made, a complainant may have the option to decline further prosecution. If the respondent already has been arrested and indicted, withdrawing charges may not necessarily be an option for the complainant.

One final word: Anyone who suspects that someone on campus is in danger should immediately notify the Fordham University Department of Public Safety
at 718-817-2222.

Updated: 8/18/23