Requesting a Charter Trip

Looking To Request a Trip? Here's How.

1. Talk to your budget supervisor/club advisor first.

A Fordham budget administrator must approve all requests. Requests for club travel should be submitted with an Office of Student Involvement (OSI) representative listed as the budget administrator.

2. Figure out what type of service works for you.

Ram Van offers various services, which are explained in greater detail here. Think about what type of service works for your group and your budget. Contact [email protected] with any questions before submitting your request.

3. Submit the charter trip request form!

Please carefully submit our charter trip request form. You’ll need the following information handy.

  • The number of passengers you plan on transporting (be specific!)
  • The exact street address of your destination (including town and postal code)
  • The name and email of your budget supervisor
  • A contact point for the day of travel

If you have a request that doesn’t seem to fit the form’s questions, give us a call at (718) 817-4346 or email [email protected] before submission. We’d be happy to help!

Please note that we cannot provide charter services for weddings taking place at the University church.