Services and Vehicles

Our wide variety of vehicles and services can help your group get moving. Please note that the below totals include one seat for a driver. For example, the 15 passenger van option has one seat for the driver and fourteen seats for passengers. All vehicles are subject to availability and may be unavailable during significant University events.

Vehicle Types

  • 15-Passenger van
  • 7-Passenger van
  • Accessible Minivan
  • 8-passenger Golf Cart
  • Accessible Golf Cart

 Service Types

Driver(s) Remain with Group (Default Service)

Our default service is recommended for groups traveling around the NYC metro area for 2-12 hours. Your driver will remain parked in the area, allowing your group the ability to travel to multiple destinations or depart earlier if need be. Drivers are compensated for the entire duration of the trip.

Pick Up/Drop Off

Ideal for overnight trips, retreats, or airport service, pick-up/drop-off runs will transport your group to and from their destination quickly and safely. Departure times are considered fixed, and groups may be billed for delays on either end of the trip. Changes to a pick-up/drop-off time must be arranged ahead of time. Drivers are compensated for travel time.