Counseling and Psychological Services Groups and Events

Weekly Support and Workshop Offerings


Undergraduate Interpersonal Growth Group (meets in-person at Rose Hill)
Mondays @ 4pm
Starting April 3- May 8
Do you get anxious in social situations? Feel isolated or depressed? Struggle with transitions? Wish you were different? You are not alone.
This will be a shorter, accelerated process group that will serve as an introduction to group therapy as we round out the semester.
For more information please contact Brittany Blecher at [email protected] or Alice Feng at [email protected].


Undergraduate Interpersonal Growth Group (yearlong in-person at Rose Hill)

Group 1: Wednesdays at 3
Group 2: TBD

Do you get anxious in social situations? Feel isolated or depressed?  Struggle with transitions? Wish you were different? You're not alone! 

The power of an Interpersonal Growth Group lies in the interactions among members, the feedback and observations they give and receive, and what they learn about themselves in the process. Group members get help and help others at the same time. They gain insight into how others experience them, and they can experiment with being different. Students often report feeling less isolated, more self-aware, more connected to others, and more comfortable being uncomfortable as a result of their Group experience.

For more information please contact Erika Greene at [email protected] or Brittany Blecher at [email protected]


Graduate Student Support Space (yearlong on Zoom)

Fridays at 10-11am 

We recognize that the demands of being in graduate school are uniquely challenging, especially in today's climate, and this can elicit a host of big  feelings. If this is your experience, you don't have to navigate it on your own! 

The Graduate Student Support Space invites students to come together every week in an affirming environment, to share, to hear and be heard, and to give and receive support. 

For more information please contact Erika Greene at [email protected] 


Men's Group (via Zoom): A processing space for individuals who identify as men.
Mondays at 5pm
Come sit around the (metaphorical) fire--a space where men can be encouraged to share and process their internal, emotional, and interpersonal experiences. Join a safe space to explore together various hidden aspects of your self and of your mental and emotional well-being. Explore: What does healthy masculinity look like? What does it mean to live with purpose? How do you deal with conflict? Are you looking to break out of old patterns? 

For more information, please contact Jacob Nacheman at [email protected] or Daniel Stern at [email protected]


Undergraduate Relationships Group (in person at Lincoln Center)

Thursdays at 1-2pm  
Fridays at 10-11am

Sign up required

Do you feel stressed because of a relationship with a family member, partner or friend? Do you notice any patterns in your relationships with other people that you’d like to change?

Join this group to learn about yourself and about where patterns in relationships come from so you can have more freedom in interacting with others. Many members of this group are surprised to find out that they are not alone in your experiences or concerns. In addition, you can benefit from giving and receiving feedback, which is unique to the group therapy context. 

For more information please contact Yael Uness at [email protected]


Law Students Support Group (in person at Lincoln Center)

Mondays at 1-2pm
140 West 62nd St, Room G02

In this group, we welcome all Fordham Law students to come together in a confidential space to process the stressors that come with the course of study that they are undertaking in combination with how this may coexist with other life stressors. These stressors may include difficulties in relationships with others, pre-existing mental health or physical health conditions and/or cultural and environmental challenges or concerns. This is a safe space where students can make genuine and meaningful connections to enhance their coping and success.

For more information, please contact Yael Uness at [email protected].edu


Interpersonal Effectiveness & Emotion Regulation DBT informed Skills Group (offered in English & Chinese, in person at Lincoln Center) 

Tuesdays 1-2pm

This is a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy informed interpersonal and emotional regulation skills group therapy. This group therapy aims to teach you concrete skills to improve your ability to identify your emotions, ways to regulate your emotions, and ways to better communicate with others. 

For more information, please contact Joanna Poon at [email protected] 


Meditation Group Therapy (in person at Lincoln Center) 

Wednesdays at 3-4pm
Room 140 at the Gabelli School of Business

This meditation group aims to help you stay in the present moment by becoming more aware of your pleasant and unpleasant thoughts and feelings without judgment. This group’s goal is to increase your ability to direct your attention and increase your ability to take control of your thoughts and feelings instead of having your thoughts and feelings control you through various mindfulness exercises.

For more information, please contact Yael Uness at [email protected]


LGBTQAI+ Support Space: in person at Lincoln Center (Rose Hill students also invited)

Date and Time: Tuesdays at 5pm
This group will support members in working to better understand themselves and their relationship to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity through supportive exploration and processing with fellow members. Topics may stretch beyond those specific to queerness, as members work to identify ways of addressing general interpersonal difficulties. The group is appropriate for LGBTQIA+ individuals at all stages of identity development.
For more information, please contact Jacob Nacheman at [email protected]
Grief Support Space (via Zoom) 
Date and Time: TBD

Support Space for students experiencing grief and loss.

For more information, please contact Yael Uness at [email protected]


Trauma Process Group (in person at Lincoln Center)

Date and Time: TBD

This group is a safe space for students to engage with others who have experienced trauma and/or neglect, emotional neglect in their families of origin. Trauma experienced can be emotional trauma and/or physical trauma. Co-facilitators will help participants process how these past experiences are impacting their current experiences as university students. The overall focus of the group is to create a sense of belonging for participants and promote post traumatic healing and growth.

For more information, please contact Yael Uness at [email protected]


Support Toward Success: BIPOC Students Traversing PWIs (on Zoom)

Day/Time: TBD

Zoom link:

This group aims to provide a space for students of color to freely express, examine, and find support in managing their experiences of race and culture in environments that lend themselves to marginalization,  discrimination (othering), discomfort and opposing perspectives. Students will find support, solidarity, understanding, alternate ways of viewing their experience, and suggestions from other members. This group is open to both undergrad and grad students and will meet for an hour online. All interested students may feel free to explore this group at any point in time. These weekly meetings will be facilitated by staff from CPS and OMA.  

For more information, please contact Kevin Foster at [email protected]