Academic Initiatives

Fordham University Core Revision

Fordham University has undertaken a revision of its core curriculum to reaffirm and renew the significance of liberal arts education and to address the changed world that our students will encounter when they leave Fordham.

Learn more about the Core Revision process.

AI Vision Committee Recommendations

Using Generative AI Tools in Education: A Proposal by Fordham’s AI Vision Committee

The integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) tools into educational contexts presents both challenges and opportunities for institutions and has the potential to transform higher education.

Fordham's AI Vision Committee was established by Provost Dennis Jacobs in June 2023 to substantively assess the policies, strategies and safeguards with which Fordham could leverage the benefits of GAI tools in order to enhance teaching and research at the University. Fordham recognizes the crucial need to apply AI tools constructively while preserving ethical commitments and upholding academic integrity. As a Jesuit institution, the university believes it is also essential to critically evaluate and address potential biases and to ensure that GAI systems promote inclusivity, diversity and equal opportunities for all learners, as well as to acknowledge the potential ramifications of AI for democracy and the public good.

The proposal has been thoroughly discussed and endorsed by the AI Vision Committee.

Additional Information

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