Self-Study Design

This report was submitted to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education on June 29, 2023 

Table of Contents

  1. Institutional Overview
    • Student Population and Trends
    • Mission Statement
    • Core Values and Vision
    • Institutional Goals
    • Key Changes and Notable Accomplishments Since the 2016 Middle States Self-Study Challenges for the Institution
  2. Institutional Priorities to be Addressed in the Self-Study
    • Alignment of Institutional Priorities with Middle States
    • Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Standards for Accreditation Alignment of Institutional Priorities with University Mission and Core Values
  3. Intended Outcomes of the Self-Study
  4. Self-Study Approach
  5. Organizational Structure and Working Methods of the Steering Committee, Working Groups, and Teams
    • General Charge for All Working Groups and Teams
    • Document Management
    • Specific Working Group and Team Objectives
  6. Guidelines for Reporting
    • Structure
    • Length and Format
  7. Organization of the Final Self-Study Report
  8. Strategy for Verification of Compliance with Applicable Federal Regulatory Requirements
  9. Self-Study Timetable
  10. Communications Plan
  11. Evaluation Team Profile
    • Characteristics of Team Chair
    • Team Members
    • Peer and Other Institutions
  12. Evidence Inventory Strategy
    • Appendix A: Middle States Requirements of Affiliation andStandards for Accreditation