Center for Ethics Education Visiting Fellows and Scholars Program

The Fordham University Center for Ethics Education's Center Fellows and Scholars program seeks to draw individuals who will benefit from the rich exchange of ideas with members of the Center’s faculty and who will bring promising scholarship in return. The program fosters opportunities for an individual with an interest in ethics to interact with Center Faculty in support of his or her scholarly and/or professional goals. We invite applications from scholars, professors, policy makers, health-care professionals, and others in such fields as philosophy, theology, social sciences, economics, political science, biology, healthcare, law, business, and social work or consulting who wish to use the Center’s many informal and formal resources to advance their work.

Applications are accepted and considered on an ongoing/rolling basis.

Individuals holding a terminal degree in their field (such as the Ph.D., M.D., M.B.A., or J.D. degrees) can apply to become Center Fellows. Individuals who have completed a graduate degree but who do not hold a terminal degree in their field can apply to become Center Scholars.

To be considered, please prepare a letter, to the attention of Celia Fisher, Ph.D., Director, Center for Ethics Education, that will answer the following questions:

  • What are your goals as a Center Fellow or Scholar at the Center for Ethics Education?
  • How do your goals fit the mission of the Center? The Center for Ethics Education seeks to promote high-quality teaching, research, and service through intellectual appreciation of moral values and critical thinking about ethical practices. The Center offers students, professionals, and the public knowledge and skills to study, inform and shape national policies that emphasize fair and respectful care for diverse peoples, communities, and nations. (For more information about the Center’s mission and programs.)
  • Are you involved in or are you applying to other academic programs at this time?
  • What specific assistance do you require from the faculty (senior fellows and associates) and/or the staff of the Center for Ethics Education to help you in meeting your goals?
  • The Center for Ethics Education provides Ethics Center Fellows with office space, computer, telephone, and library privileges, and the opportunity to participate in Ethics Center activities. Recognizing that the Center does not offer a stipend at this time for its Center Fellows and Scholars, how will you handle living expenses for this time period?

Please be as specific as possible in answering these questions. Please include your c.v. with your response letter, as well as the time period for which you would like to be at the Center. In addition, please provide a letter of recommendation from your current institution or employer. This letter should confirm your interest and eligibility for coming to the Center for Ethics Education as a Center Fellow or Scholar.

All requests for affiliation with the Center are considered by the Director and voted on by the Center’s Executive Committee in consultation with our faculty. The strongest applicants are those who identify specific goals for the time spent at the Center and those who demonstrate familiarity with the Center’s mission, research, and program interests.

We appreciate your interest in an affiliation with the Center for Ethics Education. Please feel free to contact Celia Fisher, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Ethics Education, with questions, at 718-817-3793 or [email protected]. Please copy Lori Merone, the Center's Administrative Assistant, on all communications ([email protected]).

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