Center for Ethics Education Academic Programs

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The Center administers graduate and undergraduate degree programs, offers courses, organizes workshops on professional ethics, develops ethics-related educational curricula, and awards prizes for outstanding work in ethics undertaken by Fordham University students.

Graduate Programs in Ethics

  • Master of Arts in Ethics and Society
    The Master of Arts in Ethics and Society provides students with a cross-disciplinary foundation in the application of moral and ethical theory to social issues.
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Care Ethics
    The Fordham University Advanced Certificate in Health Care Ethics is designed to enhance the student’s understanding of and participation in discourse regarding ethically-relevant policy decisions affecting mental and physical health care treatment and research.

Undergraduate Programs in Ethics

  • Interdisciplinary Minor in Bioethics
    The interdisciplinary bioethics minor introduces students to critical moral questions and informed ethical decision-making on issues related to individual, public and global health; professional health care decision-making; and health policy. Bioethics minors will gain an interdisciplinary perspective on these topics through required and elective courses, including: an introductory bioethics course, thematic courses in the humanities and sciences, a values course and a research ethics capstone course.

Courses Offered through the Center

The schools and departments of Fordham University offer a broad spectrum of graduate courses on ethics. Below are those courses directly offered through the Center for Ethics Education. Theories and Applications in Contemporary Ethics and Ethics and Society: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives are open to all graduate students, select undergraduate seniors and members of the public who meet enrollment criteria. The Ethics Field Practicum is restricted to students in the Ethics and Society master's program.

Center for Ethics Education Course Descriptions:

  • CEED 3245 - Research Ethics Across Disciplines (core bioethics minor course)
  • CEED 3600 - Ethics in Action: Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl
  • CEED 3856 - Introduction to Bioethics (core bioethics minor course)
  • CEED 5050 - Ethics and Society: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives
  • CEED 5250 - Special Topics and Cases in Contemporary Bioethics
  • CEED 5600 - Special Topics in Ethics and Society
  • CEED 5900 - Ethics Field Practicum Experience
  • CEED 6000 - Health Care Ethics Capstone Course
  • CEED 6100 - Theories and Applications in Contemporary Ethics
  • CEED 6290 - Health Disparities and Social Inequalities

Student Ethics Prize

Learn more about the Ethics and Social Justice Essay Prize (national competition for college juniors and seniors) and the Dr. K. York and M. Noelle Chynn Prize in Ethics (for Fordham undergraduate students).

Workshops and Curriculum Development

To find out more about workshops or curriculum development, please contact us.