Chynn Ethics Paper 2021 Prize Winners

First Prize Winner

Samantha Ives
Values Parenting in Isolation: The Challenge of Raising an Ethical Child in a Pandemic
School of Professional and Continuing Studies, Organizational Leadership, '23

Second Prize Winner

Victoria Munoz
Adding Fuel to the Fire: How Digital Media Has Transformed Inceldom
Gabelli School of Business, '21

Third Prize Winner

Sophia Idso 
“Acres of Skin” – A Reflection on the Protections and Ethical Considerations of Prison Populations in Research
Fordham College Rose Hill, '21

Honorable Mentions

Elizabeth Breen
Brain Death: Changing the Conversation, or Eschewing a Moral Responsibility?
Fordham College Lincoln Center, '22

Catherine Nappi
Ethical Challenges with Pharma Research with Homeless Populations
Fordham College Rose Hill, '21

Ava Zieff 
The Problem of Sexualization: Not So Cute
Fordham College Rose Hill, '22