About the Center for Cybersecurity

The FCC builds upon Fordham’s distinguished role as the host of ICCS (International Conference on Cyber Security) to create an epicenter for cybersecurity research and education in the New York area. The FCC further provides community outreach, cyber awareness, and industry partnerships to answer the national and international demand for cybersecurity professionals and trainers.


  • To graduate qualified professionals in the field of cybersecurity and provide experts in Cyber Investigation, Digital Forensics, Secure Software Development, Healthcare Security, Data Security Analysis, and Security Policy Development
  • To equip our graduates with rigorous knowledge and skills to occupy key jobs in the local, state, federal and international organizations, and private sectors in healthcare, industry, finance, education, and other fields.
  • To sponsor and participate in cyber defense exercises and competitions.
  • To organize and host cybersecurity conferences and workshops to provide a venue for research activities and endeavors for students, professionals, and peers in the area of cybersecurity.
  • To provide professionals who can conduct interdisciplinary research and outreach activity in the field of cybersecurity
  • To disseminate research outcomes and share evidence-driven data through research venues with interdisciplinary national and international peers, organizations and stakeholders in healthcare, education, government, and industry.
  • To increase the knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity threats and attacks for local schools, senior centers, adult education centers, and first responders.


  • Establish well-designed undergraduate and graduate programs that offer the knowledge of modern cybersecurity threats and attacks.
  • Provide pedagogical and practical experiences for students by expert educators in academia, government, and industry.
  • Recruit students and faculty members interested in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Promote Cybersecurity programs at Fordham University at the local, national, and international levels.
  • Design and execute research projects that can produce data-driven outcomes and attract external funding.