Message from the Director of Cybersecurity

Thaier Hayajneh

In recent years, cybersecurity has emerged as a major focus of national and international concern, as nations, organizations, and individuals realize not just the benefits of the digital revolution but also the scope of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats. Consequently, cybersecurity has emerged as an area of intense research activity and great professional demand. According to the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, there will continue to be a great market demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals to help counteract the vulnerability of our national information and infrastructure. Universities and educational institutions must not only intensify their research efforts in the area of cybersecurity but also produce qualified practitioners and experts in the field of cybersecurity.

As the director of Fordham’s Center for Cybersecurity (FCC), I welcome you to our programs, where you will become equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed as a sought-after cybersecurity professional. Our center is committed to providing quality education to prepare graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to start a rewarding and fulfilling cybersecurity career.

No matter the background or interests you bring, you will find the best match for your education and career goals here, as the FCC orchestrates a collaboration between different departments and schools at Fordham to offer undergraduate and graduate cybersecurity-related certificates and degrees. For example, the FCC will coordinate joint academic programs between different disciplines (for example, Computer Science and Political Sciences) and between different faculties (for example, Arts and Sciences, Business, and Law). Our degree programs are flexible in allowing students and working professionals to select courses that match their goals. For example, most programs offer a combination of weekend, online, evening, and hybrid courses.

Our degree programs in cybersecurity are unique in offering small-sized classes taught by leading experts in academia and industry, providing extensive hands-on and lab experience in soon to be state-of-the-art research labs, providing networking opportunities and career support as well. The faculty members at Fordham University are known for the expertise and high-profile education and research activities and they give their all to supporting the academic needs and goals of their students.

Once again, I welcome you to our programs and center and hope to see you on campus soon. I look forward to helping you succeed and achieve your educational and career goals.

Dr. Thaier Hayajneh
Founder Director, Fordham Center for Cybersecurity