Apply to CEDI

National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity

In partnership with the National Security Agency (NSA), the CEDI program helps minority serving institutions (MSIs) develop high-quality cybersecurity programs for the future possibility of NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) designation in cyber defense education.

  • MSI Application
  • CEDI Service Provider Application
  • Contintue to check back for further CEDI opportunities. If you wish to engage with CEDI please contact [email protected]

CAE-CEDI Services:

    • Virtual and/or face-to-face trainings, workshops, and bootcamps
    • Assistance with faculty hiring
    • Cyber competitions/Capture-The-Flag (CTF) exposure
    • Workforce development opportunities (e.g. internships, apprenticeships, talent pipeline)
    • Assistance with course materials and labs using shared resources
    • Offering bridge courses (virtual and/or Face-to-Face) to increase student learning opportunities
    • Assistance with lab technologies (e.g. cloud services)
    • Assistance with integration of NICE standard knowledge unit s(KUs) to promote possibility of CAE designation in future
    • Continuous update meetings to discern new areas for assistance and support
    • Arrange faculty sit-ins on classes, to learn new techniques and student teaching options
    • Allocation of mentors to assist with processes and development as needed
    • Foster regional and national relationships between universities to increase resources available to you and your institution
    • Develop commitment to ensure support is continued and fits the needs of your institution

Which application should I complete?

MSI Application for CEDI Support

Description: This application is designed for MSI designated institutions requesting CEDI Support for their Cybersecurity programs. These questions allow us to learn more about your institution and better place you within the CEDI program.



CEDI Service Provider Application:

Description: This application is developed for institutions who have already achieved CAE designation in Cybersecurity and wish to provide support to Minority Serving Institutions.