Current History Graduate Students

Meredith Allen, M.A.

Ruby Archbold, M.A.
Explorations of gender, sexuality, and the body in Early Modern European cultures, mainly in France

Edward Aw, M.A.

Anna Bartsch, M.A. (Global)

Alisa Beer, Ph.D. (ABD)
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Benjamin Bertrand, Ph.D.
Aristocratic and monastic cultures in twelfth-century England, with a particular focus on the career of bishop Henry of Blois.

Lisa Betty, Ph.D.
Modern history focusing on the themes of Labor, Migration, and Diaspora in the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa

Willa Benjamin Blevins, Ph.D.

Ronald Braasch, Ph.D.
Medieval History, Military History, The Hundred Years’ War, The Crusades

Reece Brosco, M.A.

Infrastructure and transportation in 20th century U.S., including decline of passenger rail, automobility, founding of Amtrak

Francisco Calderon Abullarade, M.A.

Maria Carriere, Ph.D.

Stephen Cerulli, Ph.D.

Italian diaspora especially in North America, historic and international Italian identities, transatlantic fascism and anti-fascism, and anarchist and socialist thought and movements within the Italian diaspora.

Owen Clow, Ph.D.
Environmental and cultural history of the 20th Century United States. Environmentalism, region and regionalism, photography and visual culture, the 1990s and post-Cold War US history, digital history & humanities

Peter DeBaecke, Ph.D.Early Modern England, especially travel writing and geographical works as ways to consider Early Modern English beliefs and attitudes towards foreign places and societies

Patrick C. DeBrosse, Ph.D.
Medieval political culture; the Angevin Empire; the crusading movement; Latin historiography; troubadour lyrics

Peyton Denault, M.A.

Frances Eshleman, Ph.D.
Late medieval canon law and its social application, penance and punishment, sexuality

Ryan Fallon, M.A.

Kasey Fausak, Ph.D.

Sophia Fredo, M.A.

Qianyi Fu, M.A.

Sally Gordon, M.A.

Douglass Hamilton, Ph.D.
Medieval religious and political culture, Old French literature, the crusading period

Heather Hill, Ph.D.

William Hogue, Ph.D.
US Diplomatic History, US Foreign Relations in Latin America, Religion and American Foreign Relations.

Emily Horihan, Ph.D.
Urban history, NYC history, immigration, suburbanization

Tobias Hrynick, Ph.D.
Medieval environmental history, especially the history of water management, with additional research in digital humanities, the history of cartography, and the environmental history of the modern Atlantic world.

Kelly Kornell, M.A.

Matthieu Langlois, Ph.D.

Sean Loritz, Ph.D.

Jordyn May, Ph.D.
Visual culture of the Woman Suffrage Movement in America

Garret McDonald, Ph.D.
History of forced labor and its relationship to Russian/Soviet society

Michael McKenna, Ph.D.

Nathan Melson, Ph.D.

Matt Mulhern, Ph.D.
Global Cold War, Diplomatic History, Foreign Relations

Madison O'Donnell, M.A.

Christie Olek, Ph.D.
Social history of medicine, the healer-patient relationship, the intersection of medicine and law, medieval hospitals, women and gender

Kraig Puccia, M.A.

Andrii Pykalo, M.A.

Amanda Racine, Ph.D.

Curtis Rager, Ph.D.
Monasticism, Orality and Literacy, and Cognition of the French High Middle Ages.

Christopher Rose, Ph.D. (ABD)
"The Nobility of Outremer: Identity and Power among the Ibelins and their Affinity, 1174-1374"
Mentor: Dr Nicholas Paul

Michael Sanders, Ph.D.
The interactions of Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the late Middle Ages, particularly on the Iberian peninsula.

Peyton (Amanda) Seabolt, Ph.D.

Kaitlin Shine, Ph.D.
Nineteenth-and twentieth-century Europe; Italy, Great Britain and Germany; First World War; Nationalism; Race and Gender Studies; Memory Studies; Fascism; History of the Senses; Wartime Trauma; Post-War Transitions; and Migration.

Nicole Siegel, Ph.D.

William Tanner Smoot, Ph.D.
Early and High Medieval England, Monasticism, Religious History and Culture, Historical Memory

Damien Strecker, Ph.D.
African American political thought, urban history, race, colonialism, Reconstruction

Ryan Sullivan, Ph.D.

James (Spencer) Tompkins, Ph.D.

Blake Walton, M.A.

Kate West, M.A.
20th and 21st-century Irish and Irish-American history with an emphasis on gender

Atticus Williams, M.A.