EMRA Curriculum


Since the ending of the cold war, private equity investments in emerging financial markets have become a very significant but volatile component of the capital flows into the developing world. Emerging fund managers must not only know the standard tools of financial analysis, but they must also be able to integrate these skills into a fairly sophisticated political and economic framework in order to minimize the difficult risks they face in investing in Asian, African, Latin American, and Eastern European markets. The curriculum for the Advanced Certificate in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis is designed to provide present and future fund managers with such an integrated approach, combining financial, political, and economic analysis in order to better assess the financial opportunities in these markets.

Transfer Credit

If you are a visiting graduate student, be sure to confirm with your home school, and prior to your attendance at Fordham, how much credit you may transfer into your home program.

Internship Opportunities

A key strength of the certificate program is its location in New York City. Visiting graduate students are strongly urged to take advantage of their time in New York by doing an internship with a major financial firm or bank. Internships should be worked out prior to coming to New York. Be sure to take advantage of your home school's career placement office. You may also wish to consult the latest edition of Peterson's Guide to Internships. A highly recommended internship would be as a summer analyst with the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Their deadline is normally January 31. See their web site for more details.