Sample Undergraduate Program for International Political Economy

Be sure to see your academic advisor to learn how to incorporate a minor in business and/or language. It is recommended that study abroad be done in the Spring Semester of Junior Year.

Freshmen Year, Fall Semester

Freshmen Year, Spring Semester
ECON 1200 Basic Microeconomics (or ECON 1100 Basic Macroeconomics)

Sophomore Year, Fall Semester
ECON 1100 Basic Macroeconoics (or ECON 1200 Basic Microeconomics)

Sophomore Year, Spring Semester ECON 2140 Statistics I
ANTH 3351 Comparative Cultures

Junior Year, Fall Semester
POSC 2501 Intro to International Politics
ECON 2142 Statistical Decision Making

Junior Year, Spring Semester
ECON 3244 International Economic Policy
POSC 3915 International Political Economy (or POSC 3518 Analysis of International Politics) 

Senior Year, Fall Semester
IPE Elective (or POSC 3915 International Political Economy*)
IPE Elective

Senior Year, Spring Semester
IPE Elective (or ECON 3244 International Economic Policy*)
IPE Elective (Senior Values Seminar)

*These courses are done in Senior Year if you do a semester abroad at this time.  Spring semester abroad is usually the best time to do a Study Abroad Program.  While abroad you should also be able to take at least two electives toward the IPE major.