About Religious Studies

Welcome to Religious Studies at Fordham!

Have you ever wondered why Jews, Christians, and Muslims all lay claim to Jerusalem as a spiritual home? Have you pondered what separates moksha from nirvana, or why Turkish dervishes whirl, some monks rock and some pentecostal Christians roll, and many Baptists don't dance at all? If you have, you may want to consider a Religious Studies major or minor at Fordham University.

To study religion is to probe the deepest questions human beings can ponder. From past to present, near to far, religion provides a unique and powerful lens through which we examine ourselves, our neighbors, our world. To facilitate an empathetic and informed understanding of what humans believe and to appreciate how they manifest their beliefs through political, cultural, literary, and social forms, Fordham University provides a unique opportunity for you to design a major or minor in Religious Studies that draws from a broad array of disciplines, including  Theology, English, Anthropology, Classics, Philosophy, and History.

While working closely with the director of the program or faculty advisor of your choice, you will create a unique course of study that surveys the varieties of religious experience and expressions in a particular tradition or traditions. A Religious Studies major or minor at Fordham University will prepare you well to meet the challenges posed by the current and future complexities of our world where religion often takes center stage.