Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee

Three-year term. No term limits. 22 tenured and non-tenured faculty members: 10 FCRH, 4 FCLC, 4 GABELLI, 2 GED, and 2 GSSS.

William Akoto [email protected] FCRH 2022-25
Sameena Azhar [email protected] GSSS 2022-25
Ida Bastiaens [email protected] FCRH 2022-25
Thomas Beaudoin [email protected] GSRRE 2022-25
Svenja Dube [email protected] BUS 2021-24
Sarah Grey [email protected] FCRH 2022-25
Ralf Hepp [email protected] FCRH 2021-24
Samantha Iyer [email protected] FCRH 2020-23
Beth Knobel [email protected] FCRH 2022-25
Kei Kobayashi [email protected] FCLC 2022-25
Lauren Kopajtic [email protected] FCRH 2020-23
Sharif Mowalabocus [email protected] FCLC 2022-25
Haim Mozes [email protected] BUS 2021-24
David Myers [email protected] FCRH 2022-25
Marciana Popescu [email protected] GSSS 2020-23
Jie Ren [email protected] BUS 2022-25
Alma Rodenas-Ruano [email protected] FCLC 2020-23
Berish Rubin [email protected] FCRH 2021-24
Falguni Sen [email protected] BUS 2022-25
Elizabeth Stosich [email protected] GED 2021-24
Grace Vernon [email protected] FCLC 2022-25
Lori Wolff [email protected] GED 2021-24