Faculty Committee on Technology

Maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. 8 full-time faculty members. No more than 1 member of any school.

Antonois Balassis [email protected] FCRH 2021-24 (Term II)
Cathy Berkman [email protected] GSSS 2022-25 (Term I)
Yi Ding [email protected] GSE 2023-26 (Term I)
James Kainen [email protected] LAW 2022-25 (Term I)
Rachelle Green [email protected] GSRRE 2023-26 (Term I)
Aditya Saharia  [email protected] BUS 2022-25 (Term I)
Lance Strate [email protected] Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - COMM & ST 2021-24 (Term II)
Peter Tan [email protected] FCLC 2022-25 (Term I)