University Tenure Review Committee

Maximum of one three-year term. One department member. 10 tenured faculty members: 4 FCRH, 2 FCLC, 1 Gabelli, 1 GSE, 1 GSS with a fourth rotating professional school beginning with Gabelli in Spring 1998. Runs on Calendar Year.

Amy Aronson [email protected]   FCLC 2021-22-23
Navid Asgari [email protected]   BUS 2023-24-25
Audrey Evrard * [email protected]   FCRH Spring 2023
Christina Greer [email protected]   FCLC 2023-24-25
Christine Hinze [email protected]   FCRH 2023-24-25
Jennie Park-Taylor [email protected]   GED 2021-22-23
Grace Shen [email protected]   FCRH 2022-23-24
Fuhua Zhai [email protected]   GSSS 2022-23-24
Molly Zimmerman [email protected]   FCRH 1/2022-23
Akane Zusho [email protected]   GED 2023-24-25
*  Audrey Evrard replacing Glenn Hendler spring 2023 (Glenn returning fall 2023, & 2024)