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HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute (RETI)


For over 10 years, the Fordham University HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute (RETI) has been providing early career investigators in the social, behavioral, medical and public health fields with an opportunity to gain research ethics training. Directed by Principal Investigator, Dr. Celia Fisher, the intensive summer training program addresses the need for HIV investigators who can identify and address ethical issues, engage drug-using and other at-risk communities in the construction and evaluation of population-sensitive research protections, and generate empirical data to inform ethical practice and policies for HIV prevention science.

Keywords: research ethics; HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; addiction and substance abuse; vulnerable populations; people who use drugs (PWUD); LGBTQ; MSM; transgender youth and adults; racial/ethnic minorities; institutional review boards (IRB); community-engaged research (CEnR); research ethics education

Research Areas: trust/mistrust; therapeutic misconception; informed consent; stigma; compensation; incentives; research risks and benefits; recruitment; confidentiality; privacy; mHealth and social media; sex workers; people who inject drugs (PWID); sexual and gender minority; harm reduction

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Summer Training and Mentored Research Program for Early Career HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Investigators

TBD 2022: In-Person Summer Program (NYC)
TBD 2023: In-Person Summer Program (NYC)

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