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Invest in Fordham's Future.

Asian Student Backlit with LaptopNever before has Fordham University held such potential to prepare future generations of leaders whose intellect, energy, ethical rigor and generosity of spirit can change the world.

Your gift of any amount helps Fordham guarantee that we will fulfill this promise.

Fordham Fund (Fordham's Greatest Needs) 

Annual gifts of all amounts provide unrestricted, flexible funding to ensure Fordham can meet the evolving needs on campus. With your help, we can meet the demands and challenges of today's rapidly changing educational environment and empower students to succeed.

Financial Aid

Insufficient financial aid is the most frequently cited reason admitted students choose not to attend Fordham. 65 percent of undergraduates demonstrate financial need, and currently, we are able to fully meet that need for only 30 percent. Moreover, while federal and state aid help bridge the gap, the median student debt for Fordham graduates is $25,000 upon graduation. Large amounts of debt discourage graduates from pursuing careers in education, social services, and the public sector—professions with the greatest need for men and women for others.

New Fundraising Campaign to Focus on Student Experience

As Fordham celebrates the successful conclusion of Faith & Hope | The Campaign for Financial Aid, the University is transitioning to a new campaign dedicated to enhancing the overall student experience.

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