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Diversity Fund

The Jesuit commitment to education began in the 16th century, when St. Ignatius Loyola stipulated that his schools should be “for everybody, poor and rich,” and since 1841, Fordham has had a proud tradition of opening its doors to promising students of modest means and has always encouraged exceptional students who are the first in their families to attend college.

Today, the Jesuit University of New York City enrolls a racially and ethnically diverse student population, 27 percent of whom are from underrepresented groups, 20 percent of whom are Pell Grant recipients, and approximately one in five of whom is the first in his or her family to attend college. 

Excited Fordham students take selfie on campus.

Established by Fordham Trustee Valerie Rainford, the Diversity Fund is a current-use fund meant to enable the University to continue providing access and opportunity to low-income, first generation, and minority students and to advance its broad diversity goals by promoting a diverse student body.

The fund will be used to provide financial aid support, including room and board assistance, to undergraduate students at the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campus for whom affordability is an obstacle, and who might otherwise be unable to attend the University as residential students.

Keynote Speaker, Valerie Rainford
The goal is to create more opportunities for students of color to attend an elite school. We do not want them turning down a Fordham education because they don’t have the funding.--Valerie Rainford, FCRH '86 and University Trustee