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Small Faith Groups

Christian Life Communities (CLC) are small groups that meet weekly to cultivate spirituality in an intentional setting. They are built upon the three pillars of faith, community, and mission, and are a great way to nourish your faith, form lasting friendships, and live out the gospel values!

CLC has given me the opportunity to discover my faith on a much deeper level. At the same time, it's produced a vibrant, fun community that I really enjoy!

-Jack Nussrallah, GSB '22

Three Pillars of CLC

Faith: CLC is a strong foundation of faith, a way of "finding God in all things." Groups focus on Scripture, prayer, song, meditation, and just about any life and faith topics they want to explore.

Community: CLC is a great way to connect with others and form lasting friendships. God's love helps us to be ourselves, share our experience, and support each other through all the ups and downs of life.

Mission: CLC supports us in our efforts to live what we believe, to put the Gospel values into action. Explore issues of faith and justice while actively participating in a variety of service opportunities.

CLC is a great opportunity to openly discuss matters of faith and of the heart. But most importantly, it's a chance to relax and be around friends that care.

-Nick Roveto, FCRH '22

Drop by our Rose Hill office (McGinley 102) or email Sr. Mary Catherine ( for more info or to sign up!

CLCs are an awesome way to build a faith community and get to know fellow Christian peers on campus. The CLC I was in freshman year was a great way to make lasting friendships while learning more about myself and my personal relationship with God. It was so nice to have that community of likeminded women to bond with during the beginning of my time at Fordham.

-Bella Iazetta, FCRH '22

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be "super religious" to join a CLC?

No.  Many in CLC are just beginning to explore their spirituality and faith, and how religion and church fits into this. Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum of life, church, and faith, you are most welcome to join a CLC.

Can I be "super religious" and join a CLC?

Yes! See above.

Do I have to be Christian or Catholic?

People of all faiths, backgrounds, and denominations are welcome.  However, it should be clear that CLC is rooted in the life and love of Jesus in the Christian faith and a rich tradition of Ignatian spirituality.  

How often do groups meet?

Small groups meet once a week, for an hour. People usually hang out afterwards with snacks etc.-- .optional for all you busy folks!

How many people are in a group?

Generally between 6 and 10 people.

Who leads the groups?

A compassionate, friendly group of student leaders and Jesuit Scholastics who are eager to share their faith and grow in God's love. 

What actually happens in the groups?

Sharing, prayer, laughter, friendship, service, and support! Each group takes on it's own unique personality, but there is a general format we follow: beginning with prayer, poetry, or song followed by a personal sharing of our weeks followed by some type of "focus exercise" exploring one of the three pillars of faith, community, and service. Groups close with prayer and usually stick around to hang out and have snacks.

How does the sharing work, are there any ground rules or guidelines?

We never force anything, and you should share only what you are comfortable sharing and at your own pace. We review group guidelines together and place a high priority on listening, respect of others, and the ongoing development of a trusting, caring environment. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of sharing.

How do I join a group?

Begin by filling out the registration and giving us some insight into what you're looking for in a group (community, faith, service, etc.) and the days and times that would work best for you. Once we have your registration, we'll contact you to talk things over. In some cases you may join an entirely new group and sometimes a pre-existing group.  

What if I join a CLC and find it's not for me?

That's no problem and there's no pressure to continue. We do encourage you to give it some time to really get a feel for how great it can be!  

Can I join with friends?

Yes! Just make a note on your registration, and we'll do our best to place you together.