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Ramcell Phone Services

Mobile Service Discounts for Fordham Employees (not student workers)
Each mobile carrier sets their own policies for eligibility and requirements for discounted services. The discount and contact information for each provider is shared by the University, however your service provider must be contacted directly to answer any specific questions you have about the plans.

Verizon Discounts
Please visit Verizon's dedicated website for corporate-level discounts. You will be asked to log in with your existing account and then prompted to verify your employment status via email or pay stub.

AT&T Discounts
AT&T corporate discount requests must be processed in person at an AT&T retail store. Independent stores that sell AT&T services cannot process discount requests. Employees must present their Fordham ID and provide our company FAN: 03094835. 

Contact Ramcell
Ramcell maintains store hours at both campuses. Stop in to discuss your account or to receive technical support.

Rose Hill Campus - McGinley Center, Room 232a
Lincoln Center Campus - McMahon Hall, Room 107