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Computer Acquisitions

Department Computer Leases and Purchases
Computer Acquisitions supplies departments with leased computers. Departments may also purchase hardware, software, and peripherals. Please consult with the Computer Acquisitions team at 718-817-4220 for advice and best pricing for all computer purchases.

Personal Computer Purchases
For personal computing, Fordham students, faculty, and staff may take advantage of special pricing for computer equipment sold by Dell, Lenovo, and Apple. We recommend new computers follow these specifications to maximize their compatibility with Fordham's network.

Academic departments request computer equipment through the Academic Vice President's office, as part of the budget process. Most University computers are leased for four years. When the lease nears its expiration, Lease Replacement Services will communicate with you via an email that will allow you to schedule a replacement date at your convenience. The email will contain all the necessary information. If computers are not replaced when due, your department will incur the cost of the buyout and your computer may not be eligible to future replacement.

Please review this short video on how to schedule your replacement and click on FAQs for additional information on computer replacements.

If new leased equipment is required and it is not part of the planned budget, it can be ordered through the Tech Help tab at The Budget Administrator must submit a budget transfer form (FP-310) to the Finance department to cover the lease cost. Any additional upgrades or changes to leased replacements that incur a cost will have to be budgeted and charged to the department also via budget transfer form. Click on FAQs for more information regarding leasing.

Departmental Purchases
Computers may be purchased for departmental use. Computer Acquisitions can configure a machine using Fordham's standard requirements or they can configure it according to the department's specifications. Software and computer peripherals may also be purchased through Computer Acquisitions. All requests/orders have to be submitted via the Tech Help tab in

How To Order
Budget administrators may order equipment by making a self-service request in the Tech Help tab at Click on FAQs for more information regarding purchasing equipment.

Payment Information
Computer Acquisitions writes the requisition purchase orders (RPO), limited purchase orders (LPO), check requests, and budget transfers. After all invoices are paid, departments will receive the chargeback.

For more information, contact
Computer Acquisitions
Faculty Memorial Hall
Office Number: 718-817-4220; Fax 718-817-5796