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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktops are a powerful way to access your computer files anytime, anywhere.

Over 150 thin clients will replace desktops in the Walsh and Quinn libraries. In classrooms at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, ITAC’s Teaching and Learning team will replace over 80 podium PCs. Several departments are also scheduled for thin client deployments before the end of the summer. 

A thin client is a desktop terminal with no hard drive. All features typically found on a desktop PC, including applications, data, files, memory, and so on are accessible, but they are stored on our servers.Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows users to log into their personal Windows desktop and use their applications virtually, from almost any device, including Windows and Mac desktops, laptops, and tablets. No matter what device you use or where you are, your virtual desktop and files are available and look the same. The only requirement is a device with Internet access and the ability to run our application (called Citrix).

Visit our blog on VDI for more details.

Request VDI, More Information, and Support
For additional information or to request a virtual desktop, contact the VDI Team at A team member will contact you to discuss your requirements.

For help with the VDI, contact IT Customer Care via the Tech Help tab at, or or 718-817-3999.