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Fordham Law School Diploma Ceremony Indoors The Fordham Law School Diploma ceremony will take place indoors at the Vincent T. Lombardi Memorial Center on the Rose Hill Campus today. Law School Ceremony Information

Graduate School of Education

2017-2018 Academic Year

Tuition: $1,367 per credit

General Fee (per term) $81
Application Fee (Electronic) $70
Assessment Fee $100
Technology Fee (per term) $206
Course Auditing* $1,367 per credit
Late Payment Fee (monthly) $15 or 1.5% on outstanding balance, whichever is greater
Health Insurance** Fall term: $924
Spring term (includes summer): $1,643
International Service Fee (per term) $60
Doctoral Maintenance $684
Student Teaching Fee $670 per semester
Internship in Counseling $684
Residency Seminar $1,367

*Holders of doctoral degree exempt.
**Mandatory for students taking 6 credits or more.

Lab Fees

Lab Fees (Psychology)
PSGE 7508, PSGE 7613 $250
PSGE 6607, PSGE 6609, PSGE 7422, PSGE 7612 $150

Comprehensives Fees

Comprehensives Fee
Second Masters/Professional Comprehensives $200
Second Masters Comprehensives* $500
Second Doctoral Comprehensives* $500

*When not registered for a course.

Dissertation Fees

Dissertation Fees
Dissertation Format Review* $500
Dissertation Mentoring $4,020
Dissertation Seminar $4,101
Copyright of Dissertation (optional) $55
Microfilm of Dissertation $20
Microfilm of Dissertation and Publication of Abstract $85

*Each review after the first.

Matriculated Student Fees

Matriculated Student Fees
Late Registration Fee $250
Maintenance of Matriculation for Masters (Professional) $300

Field Work Fees

Field Work Fees
Field Work Insurance (one-time fee) $60
Field Work Supervision $684

Workshop Training Fees

Workshop Training Fees
GSE EDGE 0210, EDGE 0230, EDGE 0260 $80
GSE Child Abuse Identification $65
GSE School Against Violence Education Training $65