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President's Council

Making Magis a Living Ideal


Established in 2004, the Fordham University President’s Council is a group of successful professionals and philanthropists who are committed to mentoring Fordham’s future leaders, funding key initiatives, and raising the University’s profile.

"The President’s Council has a remarkable impact on the life and mission of the University. Its support of the Founder’s Dinner has enabled us to build endowments to support our Fordham Founder's Undergraduate Scholarship Program. Its programs and events allow our students to meet and learn from wise and loving mentors. The Council is integral to helping us realize the ambitious dreams we have for Fordham." - Joseph M. McShane, SJ, President of Fordham University

President's Council Engagement Activities

As the President's Council seeks to fulfill the mission of the Council and help develop the next generation of Fordham leaders, many members guest speak on campus, attend student mentoring events, host events, and serve on panel discussions.

2016-17 President's Council Highlights

2015-16 President's Council Highlights

2014-15 President's Council Highlights