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Aug. 10, 2020 Update Fordham Forward, the plan to resume in-person teaching and learning on Aug. 26, is available below, along with extensive resources for students, parents, faculty, and staff. Full Details

Medieval Studies Careers

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Professional Issues Workshops

The Center for Medieval Studies regularly sponsors graduate student workshops that cover a variety of topics of interest to graduate students seeking career and professional advice. Past workshops have treated such themes as how to put together an academic curriculum vitae; how to write an abstract for a scholarly conference; and a series on compatible careers, which invited past graduates to discuss non-university professions open to those with M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the Humanities. Beginning in 2006/07, the Center co-sponsored a series on "Teaching the Middle Ages" with the Graduate English Medieval Area Group.

Online Resources

Essay on compatible careers ("alt-ac"):

General Websites:

Websites Related to 2014 Compatible Careers for Medievalists Panelists:

For careers in Philanthropy:

  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy: the seminal news journal of the philanthropic field with a jobs section geared towards mid-level and higher positions
  • A close second to the Chronicle, the Non-Profit Times is the go-to source for information on the non-profit sector, also with a jobs section
  • The Idealist, along with the goal of being an online community of people and organizations trying to make the world a better place, has a great jobs section with opportunities worldwide)
  • A news service from the Foundation Center, the go-to source for information on foundations and grant-making, jobs section included
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals: the largest professional association for fundraisers, it offers news, training, accreditation, and career services.
  • The Non-Profit Quarterly is a credible, research-based articles for nonprofits about management, governance, and public policy, no jobs section, but it is a solid source of information on issues affecting the non-profit industry.)
  • CSRwire: the leading global source of corporate social responsibility and sustainability news.

For Librarian/Special Collections and DH careers:

For an introduction to careers in the world of book publishing:

Twitter Feeds

The following hash-tags offer a running commentary and source of information for compatible careers: #altac, #postac, #phdchat. Follow the links on these topics according to your interests.

Other Potential Careers for Medievalists

Sometimes the most difficult part when looking for a career is identifying possible industries into which your skills can transfer. The list below is a starting point for your research into compatible careers.

Versatile PhD hosts "panel discussions" featuring members who are currently working in various industries. The following topics were recently covered in VPhD panel discussions:

  • Careers in Social Media (March 2014)
  • Careers in Finance (January 2014)
  • Careers in E-Learning and Instructional Design (October 2013)
  • Careers in Corporate and Institutional Research (March 2012)
  • Careers in Market Research (January 2012)
  • Careers in Secondary Teaching (October 2011)
  • Careers in Law (September 2011)
  • Careers in Grant Writing (July 2011)
  • Inside Human Resources (April 2011)
  • Careers in Management Consulting (March 2011)
  • Careers in University Administration: Student Affairs (February 2011)
  • Careers in Higher Education Consulting (January 2011)
  • Careers in University Administration: Academic Affairs (November 2010)

A forerunner to VPhD was a listserve called WRK4US. The topics addressed include:

  • Career Development Resources in the Humanities and Social Sciences (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Academic Administration (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Academic Centers (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Academic Publishing (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Career Counseling (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Editing and Publishing(WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Educational Consulting (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in the Federal Government (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Foundations (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Freelance Consulting (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Freelance Journalism (WRK4US Archive)Careers in the Info-Tech/Dot-Com Industry (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in K-12 Teaching (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Language Translation (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Libraries (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Museums (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Professional Research (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Technical Writing (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Training and Development (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in University Communications (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in University Development (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Writing for Corporations (WRK4US Archive)
  • Careers in Writing for Nonprofits (WRK4US Archive)
  • Finding Your Mission in Life (WRK4US Archive)
  • Your Transferrable Skills (WRK4US Archive)
  • Inside Human Resources (WRK4US Archive)
  • Transitioning from Inside to Outside of the Academy (WRK4US Archive)
  • The Non-Academic Job Search Process (WRK4US Archive)
  • Writing your Resume (WRK4US Archive)

Learn more about careers that are compatible with a graduate degree in medieval studies with our Resource List.

Read in this article about examples of Fordham students in the humanities who have found employment in the technology industry as a result of their degree.