Advisory Councils

Fordham Law Small to Midsize Firm Leaders Dean’s Advisory Council

Our alumni leaders are outstanding individuals whose commitment to Fordham Law is rivaled only by their dedicated service. They help to organize exciting alumni events, raise funds for the School, and form a bond that is unique in legal education. They are drawn together through the School’s shared mission of preparing excellent lawyers for tomorrow’s world, lawyers who are grounded in ethics and who share a commitment to the service of others.

Dean’s Planning Council

Since its inception in 2005, the dedicated group of leading alumni and friends who make up the Dean's Planning Council has worked closely with the Dean to provide invaluable assistance in strategic planning and financial support. The Council is instrumental in promoting new initiatives and provides invaluable guidance and support throughout the year.

Susheel Kirpalani '94

Andrea A. Bernstein '77
Robert D. Bickford '74
Brad J. Butwin ’85 
Gordon R. Caplan '91
Vincent R. Cappucci '84
Pierre A. L. Charpie '95
Pamela R. Chepiga '73
Linda Christensen Sjogen '78
Joseph A. Coco ’81
Patton R. Corrigan '70
John R. Costantino '70
Matthew J. Cushing '95
Michael G. Dolan '74
Louise R. Firestone '85
Paul N. Frimmer '69
Andrew G. Gordon '94
Frederick S. Green '79
Eric F. Grossman '93
William M. Harnett '79
Carlos A. Hawker Costa '08
Robert W. Hollweg '67
Thomas E. Hommel '78
James Leitner '82
Harold W. Lueken '88
Thomas J. Maloney '79
Thomas F. Mann '79
John K. Mara '79
David J. McCabe '83
Brian J. McCarthy '78
Orin L. McCluskey '79
John J. Mulry '76
M.G. Michael J. Nardotti Jr. (Ret.) '76
Peter J. Neckles '77
Jeannemarie O'Brien '94
Finbarr J. O'Neill '76
Paul J. Ostling '73
Joseph M. Petri '79
C. David Sammons '88
Karla Grace Sanchez '95
John E. Schmeltzer III
Seth Grace Schwartz '82
Scott V. Simpson '82
Paul A. Soden '68
David M. Tanen '96
Paul P. Tanico '80
Jonathan D. Thieir '83
Mark H. Tuohey III '73
A. William Urquhart '78
Andrew Valentine III '93
Basil K. Vasiliou '79
Conrad P. Volstad '82
Mark A. Walsh '84
Adam K. Weinstein '94
William J. Whelan III '83
Gary S. Wigmore '82
John H. Wolff '76

Small to Midsize Law Firm Leaders Dean’s Advisory Council

Composed of alumni in leadership roles at small to midsize firms, this Council offers expertise and guidance as Fordham Law pursues efforts to prepare students to excel in small-to-midsize firm settings.

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