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Dr. J. Alan Clark - Avian ecology, behavioral Ecology, and conservation biology
Associate Professor; JD, MS, Michigan; PhD, Washington

Dr. Edward B. Dubrovsky - Hormonal control of development, cancer genes
Professor; BS, Novosibirsk State; PhD, Institute of Cytology & Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russia

Dr. Silvia C. Finnemann - Cell biology of the retina and retinal degeneration
Professor; Associate Chair of Graduate Studies; Diploma in Biochemistry; PhD, Free U Berlin, Germany

Dr. Craig L. Frank - Behavioral, physiological and biochemical adaptations of mammals to extreme environments
Associate Professor; BS, SUNY at Albany; MS, Kansas State; PhD, UC Irvine

Dr. Steven Franks - Ecology and evolutionary dynamics of natural plant populations
Professor; AB, Brown; MS, PhD, Georgia

Dr. Evon Hekkala - Genotypic response to biogeographic and anthropogenic factors. Community based sustainable resource use
Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia

Dr. Gerard F. Iwantsch - Physiological and developmental interactions of the insect and its insect parasites
Associate Professor; Associate Chair Undergraduate Studies; BS, Loyola/Baltimore; MS, Delaware; PhD, Penn State

Dr. Marija Kundakovic - Epigenetics, behavior and psychiatric disorders
Assistant Professor; PharmD/MSc, University of Belgrade; PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. James D. Lewis - Plant, community and ecosystem responses to climate change, habitat fragmentation, invasive organisms and urbanization
Professor; Department Chair; BS/MS, Penn State; PhD, Duke

Dr. Patricio I. Meneses - Molecular biology and virus-host interactions of papillomaviruses
Associate Professor; BS, SUNY Stony Brook; PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Jason Munshi-South - Animal behavior, population genetics, urban ecology
Associate Professor; AB, Chicago; PhD, Maryland

Dr. Robert A. Ross (Emeritus) - Neurobiology and neuroblastoma
Professor; BA, Hobart; PhD, Cornell

Dr. Berish Y. Rubin - Genetic diseases
Professor; BS, CUNY City College; PhD, CUNY Graduate Center

Rev. Daniel J. Sullivan, SJ (Emeritus) - Biological control of insect pests
Professor; BS, MS, Fordham; PhD, UC Berkeley

Dr. William B. Thornhill - Neurobiology and ion channel disorders
Professor; BS, Washington; PhD, UC Santa Barbara

Dr. John D. Wehr - Biodiversity of freshwater algae
Professor; BS, Northern Arizona; MS, British Columbia; PhD, Durham

Dr. Qize Wei - Molecular signaling in cytoskeletal regulation
Associate Professor; MS, Guangxi Medical U; MD, Youjiang Medical College; PhD, Peking Union Medical College