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Center for Ethics Education

Education, Research, and Resources at the Forefront of Moral Debate

The Center for Ethics Education was established in 1999 with the primary mission of cultivating lifelong habits of critical thinking, moral reflection, and articulate expression, assisting Fordham University in its historical commitment to the dignity of the human person and the advancement of the common good. The Center fulfills this mission by providing a broad range of ethics education activities aimed at encouraging pedagogical, scholarly, scientific, and public practices guided by respect, fairness, and care for diverse peoples, communities, and nations, with a specific focus on the health and welfare of vulnerable populations.

Founded as an interdisciplinary, cross-university unit, the Center sponsors national conferences, professional workshops, and ethics seminars that create synergy among scholars, scientists, religious leaders, community advocates, industry leaders, and policy makers. Through its funded research programs (including the Fordham HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute), the Center provides opportunities for faculty and students to engage in empirical and theoretical study of ethical issues in health care, science, and public policy. The Center’s academic programs include:

  • 30-credit Master of Arts in Ethics and Society
  • graduate certificate in health care ethics
  • undergraduate minor in bioethics

These programs affirm the complementary roles of faith and reason, drawing upon courses in theology, philosophy, social and physical science, law, economics, political science, business, and other fields to provide multidisciplinary education to advance the common good.

With your support, our students can continue their role as change agents, and we can fund the essential research and events that make the Center for Ethics Education a home for intellectual and moral excellence.

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