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Master of Arts in Catholic Theology

Fordham Theology - Professor Tilley

The M.A. in Catholic Theology is a broad-based academic degree meant to introduce students to the study of theology as an academic discipline. This program is designed to prepare students for further work at the doctoral level or to enhance vocations including education, campus ministry, counseling, psychology, law, medicine, and social work.

In addition to completing a broad-based core curriculum, students will concentrate in one of three fields of study:

  • Bible
  • Historical Theology
  • Systematic Theology

Program Basics

  • The degree requires between 10 total courses (Historical and Systematic Theology) and 12 total courses (Bible)
  • All students write and defend a final interdisciplinary project
  • Proficiency in either German or French required (Spanish may be substituted by petition)
  • Students may attend on a full- or part-time basis

Read more about our degree requirements.


M.A. in Catholic Theology students go on to pursue doctoral work or careers in:

  • Secondary education
  • Campus ministry
  • Counseling
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Lay ministry
  • Journalism