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Email Forwarding Guidelines

Sponsor Fordham IT
Audience Faculty, students, administrative officials, staff, alumni, authorized guests, delegates, and independent contractors.
Effective Date 03/09/2018
Review Date


Implementation Information Review Frequency: Annual
Responsible Person: Director, IT Risk and Data Integrity
Approved By: CISO
Background Information Forwarding email is common among users who have multiple email accounts that they prefer to manage centrally. While no security policy prohibits the automatic forwarding of email to an outside account, there are some risks inherent in doing so.

Guideline Statement

  • Users may only forward messages per the Data Classifications Guidelines.
  • Email is not considered a secure data transfer method.
  • Secure information may be sent through email provided you use University approved email encryption solution.
  • You should not use a non-Fordham forwarding address if there is a reasonable expectation that Fordham Protected or Fordham Sensitive data is being exchanged.

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Revision History

Version Date Description
1.0 03/09/2018 Final approved
1.1 01/16/2020 Statement update