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Information security is critical to the privacy and integrity of Fordham University community members and its historical, educational, research, and operational missions. Information Security and Assurance, headed by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), is responsible for developing and implementing an information security program, including procedures and policies designed to protect University communications, systems, and assets from internal and external threats. Information Security and Assurance sets the overall direction of information security functions relating to Fordham University; these include IT risk management, security policies, security awareness, incident response, and security architecture. Since security risk is a business risk, Information Security and Assurance assesses and works with the strategic components of functional business units and operational security staff across all University Information Technology organizations. Partnering with the business, Information Security and Assurance cultivates relationships with users and department liaisons to set priorities, discuss issues of common concern, and manage expectations. The standards and procedures in the Information Security and Assurance Management Program govern all IT Resources connecting to the Fordham University network and supplement the official Security Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines established by the Office of Information Technology.

Vision Statement

Information Security and Assurance, an Office of Information Technology division, manifests an environment where our partners are empowered to pursue innovation and effectively manage the associated risk. Guided by Fordham’s value of cura personalis, the Information Security and Assurance sits on the business side of the table in support of Fordham’s goals, analyzing information risk and information security, providing for the achievement of regulatory compliance aligned with the integrity of the University’s mission, and working diligently to deliver effective information security safeguards commensurate with the University’s naturally evolving risk appetite.

Mission Statement

Fordham’s Information Security and Assurance division is a strategic partner providing guidance, consulting, operational services, and assistance in protecting the University’s information assets, regulatory compliance, and respect for individual privacy.

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