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Student Printing


Students and guests can print through the Pharos print solution.

Create your print document on any desktop or personal computer, upload it through the portal at email it to Pharos at You can also create your document at libraries and labs and send it directly to Pharos for print.

Print jobs can also be submitted to Pharos from most mobile devices. In all cases, you can log in and print your document at any University Pharos location.

The document is only printed when you physically log in at the print location and select the job you want to print. You are only charged for jobs that you actually print. Pharos will print jobs with most common file extensions.

Students and guests can create and fund Pharos accounts through the portal using the PayPal feature.

Cost per page:
Black and white: $.05 cents
Color pages: $.25 cents

$5 printing and photocopy credit from Fordham IT!

Active students will receive $5 (some students may receive additional funds from their schools).To initiate the $5 credit, just swipe for the first time at any print station. Credit good for 1 academic year.

Printer Locations

Pharos print stations are located in public areas for use by all, department classrooms for use by the members of the class when in session.

Rose Hill
Walsh Library
First floor: Computer Lab 108B and Reference Room

Computer Labs
Keating lower-level lounge area
McGinley Commuter Lounge, Basement

Residence Halls at Rose Hill

Alumni Court South - 1st Fl Lounge
Campbell - Lobby Desk
Faber - Basement Lounge
Finlay - 1st Fl Lounge
Loschert - 1st Fl Lounge
Loyola - 1st Fl Lounge
Martyrs' Court Jogues - 1st Fl Lounge
Martyrs' Court Goupil/LaLande - 2nd Fl Lounge
O'Hare - 1st Fl Lounge
Queens - Basement Lounge
Salice/Conley - Lobby Desk
Tierney - 1st Fl Lounge
Walsh - Basement Lounge

Lincoln Center
Quinn Library
1st floor: Across from the Staircase
2nd floor: Computer Area

Computer Labs
Lowenstein, third floor, 304, 306, 308 

Language Lab


Westchester Library
Main floor: Reference Room and Computer Lab: WC 217 and WC 220

How to Print with Pharos

Detailed instructions for account set up, deposits, and using Pharos Print are available at most locations where printing is available. IT Customer Care can also answer questions on account setup and deposit options. Library or lab personnel can provide detail print instructions. 

Create an account and add funds for Pharos Print services

To set up an account with Pharos and deposit funds to pay for print services, go to the Pharos Print portal at (the print portal can also be accessed by going to > My Apps tab > Login to Pharos Pay for Print).

When you select "Add funds" in the portal, you will be directed to a PayPal login (it's helpful to establish a PayPal account in advance). Funds are deposited into your Pharos Print account via PayPal. Alternatively, you can select to pay with a credit or debit card through your PayPal account (this is the preferred method of payment).

To set up an account with Pharos and deposit funds to pay for print services, go to the Pharos Print portal at (the print portal can also be accessed by going to > My Apps tab > Login to Pharos Pay for Print). Temporary guest accounts may also be created.

Pharos printing Options

Libraries and Labs
To print a file from a desktop computer in the libraries and labs, go to the print command or dialogue box (in a Word or Google Doc, for example, you’d select “File > Print”) and then select the option “Print to Pharos.” The print job will be sent to and held in the Pharos database until you log in to a Pharos workstation and opt to print or delete the job (unprinted jobs are automatically deleted after 10 hours). 

Save the document locally on your own computer or a University desktop and then email the document as an attachment to  (file not to exceed 50 MB in size). Print at any print station.

Save the file locally and upload it to the Pharos Remote Print portal. Printing options are available there. Print at any print station.

Get the “Pharos Print” app for IOS/Android. Log in using your AccessIT ID and password or register as a guest. Print at any print station.

Best Practices for Using Pharos Remote Print

  • Print requests must come from your Fordham email address or a guest Pharos account.
  • The following types of file formats can be printed by Pharos: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Images, Text (CSV, RTF, and TXT), and Visio.
  • Email your document as an attachment (not to exceed 50MB in size).
  • More than one attachment may be sent in a single email.
  • Logos, signatures, and pictures will print on separate pages. These items should be deleted prior to printing.
  • Black and white is the default print setting. Request color and double-sided printing at the Pharos Print portal.
  • Files may take a few minutes to appear in the print database after being uploaded or emailed.
  • Are you printing from Google drive? Download the file and open in a non-browser program such as Word or Adobe Reader. You can't print by sharing via your Google Drive.