Dining Working Group


  • Develop pandemic plan for opening which may include:
    • social distancing requirements in large venues

    • food trucks

    • boxed meals

    • contactless take-out, including health/safety requirements and precautions for their staff, etc.

    • food deliveries

  • Update and develop, in coordination with other Working Groups, procedures for food delivery to students in isolation/quarantine;

  • Develop plans for restaurant modifications /serving and daily procedures for reopening:
    • Physical layout in the serving areas

    • worker protection

    • back of the house modification

    • Storage

    • Additional hygiene facilities

    • Other identified issues


Deming Yaun (Student Affairs)
Mark Vallaro (Aramark)

Fatou Bokoum (Aramark)
Greg Bienkowski (Aramark)
Melanie Simeone
Oluwatoyin Akinfeleye (Sanitarian)
John McDonagh (Facilities)
John Stadler (Facilities)

Cody Arcuri (Student Involvement RH)
Christina Frankovic-Sepsi (Student Involvement LC)
Margaret Blakeley (Public Safety)
Greg Pappas (Student Affairs)

Steering Committee Oversight

Jeffrey Gray, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs