Intercollegiate Athletics Working Group


  • Develop updated student Event Attendance/Guests policies and procedures to facilitate prudent social distancing and athletic event attendance restrictions appropriate to the changing level of emergency;

  • Develop updated policies and procedures related to Athletic Facilities including the training room, strength, and conditioning, fitness center, pool, locker rooms, Lombardi Center, etc.

  • Coordinate with other Working Groups on a Prevention and Education Campaign.

  • Other identified issues


Ed Kull (Athletics)

Charlie Elwood (Athletics)
Djenane Paul (Athletics)
Erin Cameron (Athletics)
Joe Gilfedder (Athletics)|
Steve Westerduin (Athletics)

Bill Cook (Public Safety)
Maureen Keown (UHS)
Patricio Meneses (BIO)

Steering Committee Oversight

Jeffrey Gray, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs