Facilities: Infrastructure and Sanitation Working Group


    • Develop a supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and secure sourcing
    • Develop a program to routinely and more frequently clean and disinfect all academic facilities, common areas, restrooms, classrooms
    • Develop enhanced cleaning protocols in campus facilities: residence halls, common bathrooms, campus centers, etc.
    • Develop a program to routinely clean and disinfect all administrative and faculty offices
    • Develop a program to provide additional on-campus hygiene resources,
      a. hand sanitizer stations;

      b. wipes;

      c. community area bathrooms;
    • Signage related to Public Health Campaigns in coordination with other Working Groups
    • Other identified issues


John Puglisi (Facilities)

Garrett Barker (Facilities)
Jon Friedrich (Chemistry)
John McDonagh (Facilities)
Kathy Raymond (Enrollment)
Tyler Martins (Residential Life RH)
Vickki Massy (Residential Life LC)
Jean Malloy (Human Resources)
Maureen Keown (UHS)
Diana Lulgjuraj (Strategic Sourcing)

Bill McSorley (Public Safety)
Vera Bullock (LAW)

Steering Committee Oversight

Marco Valera, Vice President for Administration