Student Experience and Experiential Learning Working Group


  • Develop updated and flexible student engagement plans for Fall to include a to-be-determined mix of online and in-person events, programming, and Orientation, in coordination with Community Health Working Group and policies mandated by federal, state, and local authorities such as the state and city/municipal Departments of Health

  • Develop flexible revised plans appropriate to the changing health emergency for New Student Orientation program events and student and parent communications including:

  • plans to conduct Orientation events in a manner that encourages prudent social distancing appropriate to the changing level of emergency

  • Updated requirements for new student supplies related to public health including masks

  • Develop a menu of revised policies and procedures for campus-level and student club/organization social events at the University

  • Develop a menu of revised policies and procedures specific to Commuter Students

  • Establish protocols for student Internships off-campus and community-engaged learning opportunities

  • Other identified issues


Cody Arcuri (Student Involvement RH)
Juan Carlos Matos (SA-OMA)

Thomas Balestracci (Student Involvement RH)
Dan Patterson (Student Involvement LC)
Chloe Sigillito (Admission)
Stephanie Sheehan (Guerrera) (Res Life RH)
George Smith (Public Safety)
Annette McLaughlin (Career Services)
Roxanne De La Torre (Community Engaged Learning)
Dorothy Wenzel (Student Involvement LC)

Greer Jason (GSB)
Christie-Belle Garcia (FCRH)
Tracyann Williams (FCLC)
Christine Kelly (GSAS)
Jude Jones (FAC)

Steering Committee Oversight

Jeffrey Gray, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs