Archives and Manuscript Collections

Cullinan, Elizabeth Papers
Description: 10 linear feet
Summary: Proofs and manuscripts
Biographical Note: Contemporary Irish American short story writer and novelist.

Daley, Robert Papers 
Description: 24 linear feet
Summary: Tapes, photographs, interviews and manuscripts.
Biographical Note: Contemporary author of 28 books, five which have been made into films. Daley has also worked as a foreign correspondent, a publicity director for the NY Giants and a photographer. A graduate of Fordham College, Class of 1951.

Dimler, G. Richard S.J. Papers
Description: 21 linear feet
Summary: Contains scholarly research and publications about Jesuit emblems.
Biographical Note: Fr. Dimler is a retired faculty member from Fordham University.

Duane, William J. S.J. Papers
Description: 1.5 linear ft.
Summary: Consists of documents relating to the Alumni Association, the School of Sociology and Social Science. In addition, the collection contains papers concerning commencement and honorary degrees.
Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1924 and 1930.

Dumpson, James R. Papers
Description: 11 linear ft.
Summary: Course materials, presentations and committee papers spanning Dr. Dumpson's career from the early 1950's to present.
Biographical Note: Social welfare activist and former Dean of Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services.

Finlay, James C. S.J. Papers
Description: 26.5 linear ft.
Summary: Contains correspondence and speeches spanning his tenure as president. Also includes documents pertaining to alumni affairs, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, the Fordham University Athletic Department, the Fordham Ram (the school's newspaper), as well as the various academic departments.
Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1972 and 1983.

Fitzpatrick, Joseph S.J. Papers
Description: 105 linear feet
Summary: Course notes, lectures, correspondence, taped interviews and writings.
Biographical Note: A scholar and an activist Fr. Joseph Fitzpatrick (1913-1995) was named Puerto Rican Man of the Year in 1978 following his work with the Spanish community. He encouraged the Catholic Church to embrace the diversity of its people and argued for ‘one church, many cultures.’ Fr. Fitzpatrick taught Sociology at Fordham University, Bronx NY.

Fordham University Centennial Celebration 1941
Description: 5 linear feet
Summary: Correspondence, invitations, speeches and programs.

Fordham University Sesquicentennial Celebration 1991
Description: 15 linear feet
Summary: Correspondence, invitations, speeches, and programs. Also includes Oral History collection.

Gannon, Robert I. S.J. Papers
Description: 22 linear ft.
Summary: Includes copies of various speeches including some broadcast on radio. Also contains documents concerning alumni affairs, the Fordham University Athletic Department, the Centenary Fund and Drive as well as the various schools at Fordham including the School of Education, the Law School and the Graduate School.
Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1936 and 1949.

Glee Club
Description: 2.5 linear feet
Summary: Photographs, music books and news clippings from the university music group spanning the years1899-1994.

Hassard, John Rose Greene Papers
Description: 1 linear foot
Summary: Photographs, clippings and writings.
Biographical Note: Graduate of Class of 1855, St. John’s College. American writer and journalist wrote for the NY Tribune and published a biography of Archbishop John Hughes. Born in 1836 and died in 1888.

Hess, Victor Francis Papers
Description: 43 linear feet
Summary: Correspondence, studies, reports and articles spanning the years 1910-1968.
Biographical Note: Physicist, born in Waldstein, Austria in 1883. He studied at Graz and Vienna universities, then taught at Vienna. He realized during balloon ascents that high-energy radiation in the Earth's atmosphere originated from outer space. For his work on cosmic radiation he shared the 1936 Nobel Prize for Physics. In 1938 he immigrated to the USA to become professor of physics at Fordham University, New York (1938-56). He died December 17-18, 1964 in Mount Vernon, NY

Hogan, Aloysius J. S.J. Papers
Description: 4.5 linear ft.
Summary: Contains documents relating to Fordham University's Law School and Graduate School and the Athletic Department. In addition, it includes papers concerning Commencement as well as papers pertaining to various New York academic organizations.
Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1930 and 1936.

Hogan Steel Archive
Description: 132 linear ft.
Summary: Contains thousands of steel document files, hundreds of books and photographs and an extensive collection of steel references and statistics.
Biographical Note: Rev. William T. Hogan S.J. (1919-2002) was the director of the Industrial Economics Research Institute at Fordham University from 1950 until his death in 2002. He was nicknamed The Steel Priest.

Life Magazine 1936-1972
Description: 72 linear feet
Summary: Original hard copies of the magazine.

Lynch, John Joseph. S.J. Papers
Description: 2 linear feet
Summary: Research, photographs and slides related to earthquakes.
Biographical Note: Professor of Physics 1920-1967. Born in 1894 and died in1987.

Lynch, William F. S.J. Papers
Description: 5 linear feet
Summary: Research, drafts class notes and publications.
Biographical Note: Taught Greek, Classics, Philosophy and was the editor of THOUGHT magazine. Lived 1908-1987.

Marymount College of Fordham University
Description: 130 linear feet.
Summary: Papers, catalogs and photographs of Marymount College in Tarrytown, 1907 to present.

McGinley, Laurence J. S.J. Papers
Description: 40 linear ft.
Summary: Includes personal correspondence and speeches. In addition, it contains documents concerning public relations, the school budget, honorary degrees, the Fordham University Press, the Athletic Department, admissions and the University's various academic departments.
Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1949 and 1963.

McLauglin, Leo P. S.J. Papers
Description: 9 linear ft.
Summary: Consists of correspondence, some general and some with Jesuit institutions. Also includes documents relating to Fordham's academic departments, student activities, alumni association and papers of various academic organizations. Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1965 and 1969.

Medical School of Fordham University 1905-1921
Description: 8 linear feet
Summary: Catalogs of the medical school which closed in 1921.

Mimes and Mummers
Description: 13 linear feet
Summary: Plays, scripts and photographs from the drama group 1900-1977

Mitchell, Louis Papers
Description: 1.5 linear feet
Summary: Correspondence and writings
Biographical Note: Graduate of Fordham College, 1952. African –American composer and University of Scranton professor who was born blind in1928 and died 1989.

Mulry, Joseph A. S.J. Papers
Description: 1.5 linear ft.
Summary: Contains correspondence, photographs and a pamphlet titled: "American University Union in Europe."
Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1915 and 1919.

Munn, Charles Allen Collections
Description: 4 linear ft. and 36 drawings
Summary: Letters, diaries and papers of American Revolution patriots and drawings of John Trumbull.
Biographical Note: Charles Allen Munn was the founder of Scientific American magazine and a collector of Americana.

Negative Collection
Description: 10 linear feet
Summary: Over 3000 negatives and slides of the campus, people and activities

Pharmacy School of Fordham University 1911-1971
Description: 23 linear feet
Summary: Files, photographs and catalogs of the pharmacy school which closed in 1971. Also includes the apothecary jar collection of Joseph Slotnik, Class of 1932.

Photograph Collection
Description: 35 linear feet
Summary: Thousands of photographs of buildings, university related people and functions covering the years 1860 to present.

Oral History 1991
Description: 8 linear feet
Summary: Tapes and transcripts from the Oral History project for the Sesquicentennial of Fordham University.

Sievers, Harry S.J. Papers
Description: 51 linear feet
Summary: Correspondence, research, manuscripts and drafts.
Biographical Note: Fordham history professor who wrote about President Benjamin Harrison. Born 1920 and died 1977.

Stark, Werner Papers
Description: 6 linear feet
Summary: Correspondence and writings.
Biographical Note: Jewish convert to Catholicism and sociology professor at Fordham University, 1963-1975. Born in Czechoslovakia in 1909 and died in Austria in 1985.

Tivnan, Edward P. S.J. Papers
Description: 0.5 linear ft.
Summary: Contains correspondence with the New York State Department of Education, papers pertaining to Fordham University's Athletic Department as well as records of honorary degrees.
Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1919 and 1924.

United Church of Christ vs. FCC
Description: 33 linear feet
Summary: Miscellaneous papers relating to the 1960’s landmark court case regarding ownership of the airwaves.

Walsh, Michael P. S.J. Papers
Description: 9 linear ft.
Summary: Includes documents relating to the faculty and academic departments, the Alumni Association, student admissions, WFUV (Fordham's radio station) as well as papers concerning demonstrations, campus unrest and the ROTC. In addition, it contains of correspondence with the faculty and various Jesuit institutions.
Biographical Note: Served as President of Fordham University between 1969 and 1972.

Description: 4 linear feet.
Summary: Program Logs 1967-1974, Folios 1955-1994 and clipping file 1946-1985

Wilson, Malcolm Papers
Description: 145 feet
Summary: Papers of the former Governor of New York.
Biographical Note: Fordham College, Class of 1933 and Fordham Law 1936. Malcolm Wilson was NY State Assemblyman 1939-1958, Lt. Governor of NY 1958-1973 and Governor of NY 1973-1975. Born in 1914 and died in 2000.

Xavier Institute of Industrial Relations
Description: 42 linear ft.
Summary: Papers from the labor school documenting the work of Fr. Philip A. Carey S.J. and Fr. John M. Corridan, S.J. Biographical Note: Fr.John Corridan, S.J. (1930-1988) and Fr. Philip Carey, S.J.(1920-1989) Xavier Labor School (1936-1989) taught labor negotiations in the new tradition of the Catholic Social Action movement.