Content Outline Courses

Note that course selection varies from one semester to the next.

Administrative Law
Civil Procedure*
Commercial Finance
Commercial Finance/Secured Transactions
Commercial Law
Commercial Transactions
Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Law*
Constitutional Torts
Contract Law*
Criminal Law*
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Criminal Procedure: Investigative
Criminal Procedure: Prosecution, Defense, and Adjudication
Estate Planning
Family Law
The First Amendment
Introduction to U.S. Contract Law (previously titled Contract Law (U.S.) for LLMs or U.S. Contracts for Foreign LLMs)
Litigation Management for the International Lawyer
New York Practice
Partnership and LLC Law
Perspectives in U.S. Law
Secured Transactions
Trusts and Wills

*1L JD courses are only open to LLM students by permission; interested students may submit a "Request to Enroll in a Closed Course" form, available on LawNET, during registration and Add/Drop periods.