Welcome from the President

Dear First-Year and Transfer Students,

I can't tell you how happy we are that you are here. As nervous as you may be right now, you are about to make friends you'll keep for the rest of your life. You'll find mentors who help you find your purpose. Fordham's faculty will inspire you to fall in love with learning and to be endlessly curious. And you will be part of a community that we hope quickly feels like the family that you've chosen.

Fordham is a place, and New York is a city that wants you to be yourself, your full self, and the very best version of yourself. You will show us how you are rooted in your own community and experience, but also very much your own person. And you'll learn from your new friends about cultures and accents and faiths from all over the world.  

There is so much to do here, and all it takes is a little bit of energy and courage. There are literally hundreds of clubs, activities, and teams to join. Choose something you love or try something entirely new, from Astronomy Club to Dance Co-Op. Write for the student newspaper and challenge me (hopefully kindly.) Wake up early in the morning to practice with a team, who will become like siblings.

Most of all, remember that New York is your campus too. Make your bucket list and jump in. Eat food from a country halfway around the world. Discover a band about to become famous. Watch a play that will make you think about the world differently. Go across the street from our Rose Hill campus to the Botanical Gardens, to walk in an old-growth forest, and the Bronx zoo, to learn about their amazing wildlife work around the world. You get in free to both.  

I will see you on campus, stop and ask you how it's going, or come randomly sit with you in the dining halls. Getting to meet you—to hear about your dreams and experience your enthusiasm—that is my fuel. So stop and say hello. Come sign up for my office hours, or send me your thoughts and feedback. 

The beginnings of things are always hard. But I hope you can enjoy the adventure of it all, and remember that soon enough, you will barely remember a time when Fordham didn't feel like home.

All my best,

President Tania Tetlow