Create a More Welcoming and Affirming Campus


  • Provision space in the plans for the new campus center at Rose Hill for the creation of a much-needed dedicated Multicultural Center. A similar center will be established on the Lincoln Center campus.


  • Supplement the goal of supporting diversity in all University policies with the goal of confronting racism in all we do.


  • Institute annual, mandatory anti-racism training for all faculty, administrators, staff, and students—including the president’s cabinet and the Board of Trustees.


  • Collects suggestions and feedback from all constituencies at Fordham through the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council who shall make twice-annual recommendations to the president on necessary actions and policies.


  • Redouble our efforts to create and sustain a campus culture that supports and cherishes our students, faculty, and staff of color building on the work of the Diversity Leadership Team, led by Rafael Zapata (chief diversity officer), Kay Turner (vice president for human resources) and Juan Carlos Matos (assistant vice president for student affairs for diversity and inclusion).


  • Continue to refine offerings from the Black Healing and Empowerment Circle, Ally Solidarity and Support Space, Non-Black Students of Color Support Group, and Navigating Police Brutality and Racial Trauma Workshop.


  • Establish a peer mentoring program for students of color.


  • Observe Juneteenth as a paid University holiday beginning in 2020 and going forward.