Develop Curricular and Co-curricular Initiatives That Support the Imperative of Confronting Racism and Educating for Justice


  • Increase support for the work of the special assistant to the provost for faculty development to enhance initiatives focused on anti-racist pedagogy and practice.
  • Offer Teaching Race Across the Curriculum Grants through the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer to assist the faculty’s efforts to develop ways to integrate questions of race, racism, inequality, and justice into their introductory courses as well as in Values Seminar and Interdisciplinary Capstone Core courses.
  • Ensure that courses include content-appropriate discussions or treatment of issues of racism, inequality, and diversity as often and as richly as possible.
  • Use faculty resources to create a library of print, audio, and audiovisual resources on racism, race, and diversity for faculty to use as asynchronous elements with the goal of providing all first-year students with an introductory course that contains a strong introduction to anti-racism and to embed discussion of issues associated with diversity, inclusion, and racism in their existing courses.
  • Strengthen and expand our Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), as well as our Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP).
  • Increase support of and work to raise the visibility of the Department of African and African American Studies, as well as the Bronx African American History Project.
  • Co-sponsor and significantly increase its support of the Law School’s Center on Race, Law and Justice in order to convene scholars across the University working on issues of racial justice. The center aims to be a hub of scholarship on issues relating to race that strengthens the University internally and helps to build its reputation in the wider community.