Part-Time Bargaining Unit Member Professional Development Fund

What is the Professional Development Fund?
As part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between Fordham Faculty United and the University, a yearly fund of $25,000 was established for the duration of the CBA to support and promote the professional development of part-time faculty.

What counts as "professional development"?
Professional development funds are awarded to reimburse expenses for travel, registration, and lodging for conferences, workshops, or classes related to the part-time bargaining unit member's teaching and discipline.

Who can apply?
Any part-time non-tenure-track teaching faculty covered by the union agreement (CBA), regardless of teaching load or program, who has taught eight (8) or more courses or has taught during three (3) academic years.

How much may I apply for?
An applicant may receive funds of up to $500 in total between July 1 and May 31 (11 months of the fiscal year). International travel must be approved in advance by the Dean before professional development funds can be requested. Please note that funds are awarded to reimburse expenses and are not offered in advance.

When do I apply?
There are four request deadlines over the course of the academic year: September 30, November 30, February 28, and May 31. Applicants may submit their request for funds either prior to or after their event.

Who decides, and when?
Requests for funds are screened by your peers on Fordham Faculty United’s Professional Development Committee, whose members are appointed by Fordham Faculty United’s elected representatives on the Executive Committee. Within the week following the request deadline, the committee will send applicants notice of acceptance or denial.

How do I apply?
Simply submit the Request Form below.

How do I receive a reimbursement?
Submit the Reimbursement Form below. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted by September 30, November 30, February 28, and June 15. Reimbursements will be made from the Fund only during the academic year in which the expenses were incurred.

What documentation do I need in order to be reimbursed?
For information about suitable documentation of approved expenses for travel, lodging, food, and organizational fees, please read the University’s Adjunct Reimbursement Policy. Once approved, reimbursements to faculty will be made after the professional development opportunity has occurred, and will not be made as advance payments.

Further questions? Please write to the union’s Professional Development Committee at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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