Adjunct Reimbursement Policy

Professional Development

Adjunct faculty who attend at conferences may be reimbursed for certain associated expenses, according to the guidelines established by Fordham Faculty United and Fordham University. All requests for reimbursement for professional development will be processed through the accounting department of Fordham Faculty United’s parent union, SEIU Local 200United. Fordham reserves the right to audit and/or refuse reimbursement for any expenses that do not conform to established policies.

When attending conference, workshops, and classes, a bargaining unit member will be reimbursed for approved expenditures up to the agreed upon maximum set forth in the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in effect until June 30, 2025, consistent with the policies described herein.

Requests for reimbursement must be submitted by the dates established by the union.

Expenses Reimbursements

Please note you are only guaranteed reimbursement if you are approved by the Fordham Faculty United Professional Development Committee. In order to be reimbursed, upon completion of travel, the faculty member must provide the Union with receipts along with other supporting documentation, including a copy of the conference brochure. Documentation should be submitted through the Reimbursement Form on the Part-Time Bargaining Unit Member Professional Development Fund webpage.

If for any reason, an original receipt is lost and/or unobtainable, the faculty member should submit a signed statement to that effect. Every receipt must contain enough detail to permit determination of allowable expense claims. If credit card receipts do not sufficiently detail the expenses for which reimbursement is claimed, the faculty member must add a separate itemized bill or other document itemizing the expenses.

Note: It is recommended that you maintain copies of all submitted receipts until you have been reimbursed from the Professional Development Fund.


Requests for reimbursement of lodging expenses must include an itemized receipt from the lodging provider.

Meals are allowable during the course of conference travel. Reasonable expenses incurred for such meals are eligible for reimbursement with an itemized receipt of the meal.

Automobile Travel

Reimbursement for the use of a personal automobile is at the federal-employee automobile- mileage rate. This rate can be obtained from the following internet website: This is a fixed rate per mile to cover expenses of operating a vehicle (e.g., gas, insurance, maintenance, and depreciation) instead of actual expenses. Mileage calculations should be entered on the Professional Development Fund Form by entering the date(s) of travel, the beginning and end points of the trip, and the number of miles traveled. Note that fuel receipts do not support mileage claims. The University will not reimburse fuel.

Tolls and parking charges are reimbursable to the employee in addition to the mileage rate. Fines for vehicle violations are not reimbursable and are the responsibility of the individual incurring such fines.

Air/Rail Travel

Reimbursement for commercial air or rail travel is subject to the University’s travel policies. Receipts are required for either mode of transportation.

Airfare should be limited to coach or equivalent class. Airfare should be the lowest available consistent with the most logical schedule. Travelers are encouraged to book as early as possible to take advantage of available savings.

Travelers are authorized train fare up to the Acela Service standard fare.

Traveling with a Guest

If a guest accompanies an employee on a conference trip, all expenses relating to the guest’s travel, including transportation, meals, and additional lodging expenses, are considered personal expenditures. These expenses are not reimbursable.

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