To provide greater affordability and access to healthcare through an efficient management of the global innovation process in healthcare systems resulting in a reduction of disease burdens and creation of healthier lives. It aims to achieve this through independent research, training and creating a platform where multi-stakeholder dialogue and discourse is made possible.


The goals of the center are to a) develop case studies of innovations occurring globally in the field of healthcare, b) conduct research in different management aspects which affect the outcome of such innovations and c) deliver educational programs to managers in different aspects of the management of healthcare innovations. The center will also provide a forum for a creative dialogue among global policy makers, thought leaders and academics through workshops and seminars.


The following areas will be the focus for research and training:

  • Innovations in drug discovery models such as through the global outsourcing of clinical trials, pre-clinical work, lead optimization and target validation.
  • “Innovation clusters” especially in the biotechnology area and incubation ecosystems for innovations in healthcare in India, China and the US.
  • Innovations in healthcare delivery systems such as walk in clinics, teleradiology based diagnostics, hospital information systems, electronic record keeping, doctor’s office based procedures such as micro-surgeries and colonoscopies, home diagnostics etc.
  • New technologies such as information technology, bioinformatics, proteomics, personalized medicine and nutraceuticals etc.