Graduate Essay Prize Recipients

First Year Graduate Essay Prize

2023: James Terrasi
Oimais digam de·ls eretgues: Early evidence of “Good Men” in Lo codi?

2022:  Maria Carriere
Narrative Composition and Dynastic Memory: Angevin Women in Ernoul-Bernard

2021: Isabelle Bunten
Love in the Garden/Death on the Cross: Uncovering Patron Influence in a Book of Hours from Rouen

2020: Co-Winners

Iris Loritz
Two Systems of Priestly Sexuality in the Inquisitorial Register of Jacques Fournier

Frances Eshleman
Epicurus and Dante's Vision of Heresy

Honorable Mention: Peyton Seabolt
Intersectionality of Horses and Religious Institutions in the Chancery Records of Edward III

2019: No essay prizes awarded. 

2018: Doug Hamilton
Tension in the Margins: Flagellants and Anticlerical Imagery in the Glazier Peacock Manuscript

2017: Ashley N. Newby
'Jeo vous pri Jhesu o simple voyz': Recovering a Woman's Prayers from the Alphonso Psalter

2016: Stephen Powell
The 'Descriptio Scotie': Geography as Propaganda in the Contesxt of Plimpton MS 266

2015: Katherine Briant
Beholding broken bodies: pain as a theological framework in Julian of Norwich's Vision and Revelation

2014: Ruth Whaley
Story-Telling at Sea: Changes in the Crusade Chronicle

2013: Abigail Sargent
A New Homeland for Authentic Armenians: Vahram of Edessa's Rhymed Chronicle and the Construction of a Cilician Armenian Identity

2012: Louisa Foroughi
"They reputyth Englysch pepyll for none nac[iou]n": Scriptural Translation and Nationhood in Columbia University Library Plimpton MS 259

2011: Co-Winners

John Burden
Petrarch and the Pursuit of Fame in "Ascent of Mount Ventoux"

Br. John Glasenapp, OSB
Unsounded Number: Music, Architecture, and Meaning at the Dedication of the Cathedral of Florence

2010: William Little
The Virtues, Friendship, and Rhetoric in Einhard's Vita Karoli Magni

2009: Carlo DaVia
Augustine and the Secularization of the Polity

2008: Peter Slonina
A Critical Treatment of Plimpton MS 04

2007: Kevin T. Mallon
To Realize, Rectify, and Release: The Purpose of Reading in Petrarch's Secretum

2006: Nicole Brennan
Two Versions of the Sermo Lupi ad Anglos

2005: James Manning
Judging a Book by its Covers: An Analysis of a "Mass Produced" Book of Hours

2004: Heather Blatt
Memory and the City in Troilus and Criseyde

2003: Heidi Febert
"Roland is Brave and Oliver is Wise": The Meaning of Vassalage in The Song of Roland

2002: James S. Tedford
A Case for the Interpolation of the Genesis 1:26 Periscope in the Sefer ha Berit of Rabbi Joseph ben Isaac Kimhi

2001: Co-Winners

Denise Griggs
Chrétien in Context: Bibliothéque Nationale 1450

Thomas Zahora
Laughing in the Cloister with the Philosopher

2000: Maureen Horgan
The Beguines of Leuven and the Crib of the Infant Jesus: A Closer Look

O'Callaghan Essay Prize in Medieval Studies

2018: Rachel Podd
Women 'in travell': Reconsidering Maternal Mortality in Late Medieval England

2017: Kevin Vogelaar
Sonic Exorcism: The Bell as object of spiritual Purification in the Polemic of Eulogius and Albar of Cordoba

2016: Kevin Vogelaar
Painted Reminiscence: Expressing 13th Century Syriac Christian Nostalgia for ‘Abbasid Rule in Pierpont Morgan MS M.235

2015: Alexander Profaci
Ars Brevis, Vita Longa: Brevitas, Norman Identity and the Beginnings of Vernacular Historiography in the Thirteenth Century Prose Chronique de Normandie

2014: Tobias Hrynick
The Customs of Romney Marsh: Compromise and Common Interest in Wetland Administration

2013: Jeffrey Doolittle
The Logic of Early Medieval Medicine: The Design and Use of Medical Texts from Montecassino (MS 69 and MS 97)

2012: Jeffrey Doolittle
Negotiating Murder in the Historiae of Gregory of Tours

2011: Camin Melton
The Embedded Cross in Andreas: Pointing to a New Kind of Punctuation in Old English Poetry

2010: Sarah Townsend
Illustrating Social Status: Fashion in the Marginal Drawings of a Fourteenth Century Breviary from Tavistock, Devonshire

2009: Richard P. Hresko
London Arms and Armor-Makers in the Fourteenth Century: A Portrait of a Medieval Industrial Sector

2008: M. Christina Bruno
The Canon Law of Indulgences and its Audience: Franciscan Observant Sermons in Late Fifteenth-Century Italy

2007: Samantha Sagui
Crime and Conviviality: The Social Space of Urban Drinking-Houses in Medieval England
Prophecy in Welsh Manuscripts

2005: Ken Mondschein
A Matter of Time

2004: Jonathan Armstrong
Text and Tradition: The Journey to the Idea of the New Testament

2003: Heidi Febert
Buckled, Wired and Pinned: The Mass Consumption of Metal Dress Accessories in Late Medieval England

2002: Rebecca Slitt
Dedicated to Peace: Political Allegory in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae

2001: Janine Larmon Peterson
Ephemeral Boundaries: The Transmission of Alberic of Montecassino's Breviarum de Dictamine